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Maximize your Protection against Corona Virus with a COVID-19 Insurance Policy

  6/5/23 11:13 AM

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Our COVID-19 Insurance Policy – Your Savings ka Savior!

In this COVID-19 pandemic, is it only your physical state of health that’s at stake? Think again. Maybe, fighting Corona virus is not the only challenge. How about your psychological wellbeing, leisure, lifestyle, and most importantly, your finances?

Fighting a pandemic involves being vis-à-vis several avenues other than just the disease. For instance, the cost of treatment. Recovering from COVID-19 could even require admission in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or High Dependency Unit (HDU). That’s why, a COVID-19 insurance policy has become the necessity of the hour.

What is a COVID-19 Insurance Policy and Why is it the Need of the Hour?

A COVID-19 insurance policy is a term life insurance plan, which is specifically designed to help those diagnosed with severe Coronavirus infection. The type of Corona symptoms can range from mild to severe. As a result, the treatment also varies.

If the symptoms are severe, the patient will most likely experience:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle pain
  • Chills

Due to breathlessness, the COVID-19 patient would require oxygen therapy and respiratory support.

This is where Edelweiss Life Life COVID Shield+ comes into picture. It offers COVID-19 insurance cover for such advanced level of treatment, especially in the ICU / HDU. Fighting Corona virus infection could be a financial burden!

Therefore, Edelweiss Life COVID Shield+ helps with the following benefits:

  • Lump Sum Pay-out – On admission into ICU or HDU after COVID-19 diagnosis, you receive a lump-sum payment. Interestingly, this is irrespective of the actual expenses that incur during the treatment process. If your hospitalization charges are lower than the guaranteed sum assured, you can use it to manage the allied expenditures.
  • Life Cover – Edelweiss Life Life COVID Shield+ protects your family’s financial future, if you’re not around. This life cover benefit is paid in full, even if the demise is due to non-COVID reasons.
  • Medical Tests – You don’t need to take any medical tests to opt for our COVID-19 insurance policy. Your safety and financial security are of utmost priority. So, you don’t have to step out of your home to get yourself clinically tested! Also, there is instant decisioning on the policy.
  • Tax Benefits – Pandemic or not, every income-earner requires to take care of their tax liabilities. Therefore, by paying a premium, you could be eligible for tax benefits (as per the applicable tax laws of the country).
  • Affordability – With our COVID-19 insurance cover plan, you do not need to worry about paying recurrent premiums. It has a one-year policy term with affordable premiums starting Rs. 5,329. You’ve to pay the premium only once, that is, at the time of opting for it.

Masks, Sanitizers & Edelweiss Life COVID Shield+ – Your Corona Virus Protection Checklist

Even within this pandemic, gone are the days when masks and sanitizers were enough to fight Corona virus. Given the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases in India, people have even started keeping medical equipment at home such as pulse oximeter and oxygen cylinders.

So, keeping in mind the severity of this pandemic, a COVID-19 insurance policy is just what you need for extra protection. Cover your family with Edelweiss Life COVID Shield+ and stay financially shielded.

To know more, explore COVID-19 insurance cover plan in detail.

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