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Why Join Us Careers

Why Join Us

We believe in giving and having an EDGE over everything. This edge for us comes from “Nurturing Talent Impacting Lives”. We are always looking for people with entrepreneurial attitude who can want to grow with us. We offer these people multitude of career paths within the organization that matches their aspiration. And while we want them to fulfil all their dreams and live their Zindagi Unlimited, we provide them all support to help them grow, develop and impact lives of others.

Our Claim Philosophy Careers

Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, a statement from our MD & CEO Mr. Sumit Rai

Life at Edelweiss Life

Virtual ICONS 2020

We began our Annual Recognition Program - ICONS in 2019. As an ongoing effort to foster a healthy team of motivated and satisfied employees, we felt the need to create something unique. When you think of icons, you invariably think of trendsetters, who refused to tread the trodden path, who were never bogged down by life’s challenges and were bullish in their perseverance. ICONS is a platform for togetherness. It is an event to celebrate all the employees coming together to cheer those who proved themselves to be the ICONS of Edelweiss Life Insurance. We celebrate individual contributions and commendable teamwork across functions through 9 individual awards and 3 for teams.

Campus Programs

We have been invested in getting in the best talent from premium campuses across MBA and Graduate levels. The passion and zeal of these young minds have fuelled our organization and each of them have helped solve critical problems at organization level. We specially take in these talents into customized leadership programs for Executive Associates, Management Associates and Sales Associates. The journey gives them cross functional exposure in different teams and helps them develop into well-rounded future leader with a fast track career graph.

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