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Now plan your retirement with Edelweiss Life's retirement calculator. It lets you calculate how much money you need to invest in, so as to generate sufficient funds for your future needs.

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Savings Ke Liye Effective Solution!

The affordable way to start growing your wealth, fulfilling your goals and protection needs.

  • All you need to start is Rs. 1000 p.m.

  • Life cover till you’re 100

  • Option to get maturity benefits in just 5 years

  • Tax Benefits³ u/s 80(C) on premiums paid & u/s 10(10D) on maturity benefit

Market-linked Returns with Guaranteed¹ Lumpsum Option!

Maintain a diversified portfolio by investing in the market, while also receiving a guaranteed¹ payout at maturity.

  • Benefits of market-linked returns and guaranteed¹ lumpsum in one plan

  • Enhanced Cover option with higher sum assured & booster additions

  • Little Star Benefit option to protect your child’s future

  • Tax benefits³ u/s 80C & 10(10D) to shield your savings

Capital Guarantee¹: Assurance Amidst Market Fluctuations

Market-linked returns, with an additional benefit of guaranteed¹ return of your total invested premium at maturity

  • Benefits of market-linked returns and guaranteed¹ lumpsum in one plan

  • Enhanced cover option with sum assured & booster additions

  • Little Star Benefit option to protect your child’s future

  • Tax benefits³ u/s 80c & 10(10d) to shield your savings

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What makes us your ideal partner

FAQ's for Retirement calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is retirement planning important?

Everybody needs to take a break from work. But after you reach a certain age, it is best to permanently give up the workforce and enjoy a peaceful retirement life. For this, it is very important you start planning for your retirement on time.

- Proper planning helps you in managing your daily expenses post retirement
- Planning helps in reducing your worry for you and spouse’s your medical expenses
- At times, you kids may need a financial support from you. Thus, you should consider the fact while planning your retirement

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Why should you manually put in the effort when you have a tool to do it for you? A retirement calculator works out the math to know much money you need to invest to enjoy a hassle-free life post retirement. This is a great tool as it provides an idea about how much you need to start saving to have a better future. A retirement calculator considers:

- Current age
- Retirement age
- Current monthly expenses
- Current monthly savings

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Make retirement plans after putting in some thought into it. Efficient planning helps in working out your retirement needs and what are the best methods to enforce to achieve that goal.

- Maintain some flexibility in investments in case of unexpected gain or loss.
- Consider risks, both planned and unexpected.
- Use a retirement planner for a more structured plan of action.

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Like a retirement calculator, retirement planning is also worked out based on factors. There are some things that need you need to consider:

- Consider different kind of risks that can pose as a hindrance to your retirement goal.
- Current expenses vs Current savings and what can you do to optimize your finances.
- Value in the tax while calculating your returns post retirement.
- Pension + additional benefits.

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The success of a good plan when a greater output is generated when compared to the input. Similarly, a retirement plan that secures your future and provides financial safety is best for you. It is not the same for everybody. Since each person has different requirements, the retirement plan will also vary.

- It should have benefits that suit you and your family's needs.
- Guaranteed returns on investments so that you need not worry about your future.
- A level of flexibility in policy terms that can be altered in case there is a change in the situation.

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This calculator is provided to help you in your financial planning. It is designed only for information / education purpose. The results presented by this calculator are hypothetical and basis the information / inputs provided by you and guides you for financial planning. Kindly do not consider this as an investment advice or direct or indirect solicitation for the product or the performance. While utmost care has been exercised in preparing this calculator, Edelweiss Life Insurance Company Limited or its directors, employees, affiliates or representatives do not warrant the completeness or guarantee the accuracy of the information and will not be responsible for any liabilities, losses, damages arising out of the use or in respect of anything done in reliance of the calculator. The calculations provided through this calculator shall not directly or indirectly be construed as solicitation of any product. Request you consult your financial advisor before making any type of investment.

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