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The Void You Leave

  4/8/17 4:36 AM

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Replacing someone who you love is impossible. Once they’re gone, that void will always remain unfilled. You feel bereft with the loss. Countless hours will be spent wishing ‘only if things were different’. Quite often you try doing things to bridge that gap, and trying to get over the loss. But the chasm keeps on going wider and soon you realize that there is nothing that you can do.

We often wonder what would happen to our loved ones if we were gone. They’ll feel the same pain that you feel when robbed of a loved one. Your family would be devastated; there are no two ways about that. It hurts every single time that you breathe. The pain is ever-present and there is no diminishing it. Going over the basic tasks will become unbearable, emotional health will go for a toss and everything else will cease to exist.

But what happens when your family is financially dependent on you? What happens when you’re the sole breadwinner for your family? What about their future? Who will put the next meal on table? Along with dealing with the emotional aspect of your loss, now they are burdened with financial problems too. What about repaying the home or vehicle loan? In times of grief, we aren’t capable of doing anything productive. Do you really want to leave your family worrying about money when they are trying to deal with the fact that you are no longer with them?

It is better to make sure that they are provided for, always.

You cannot change the fact that at one day, you will not be there for your family. Although you cannot do anything to alleviate the emotional pain that they will go through, you make sure that even in your absence; their life is smooth and without financial woes. Instead of leaving them with financial problems, leave them with happy memories. Start long-term financial planning today and become assured that your family won’t be worrying about paying the bills when you aren’t there to pay them.

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