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Get To Know How A Comprehensive Term Plan Can Help You Live A Worry Free Life

  11/6/16 7:26 AM

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A wise man once said, ‘ If you can do something about a problem, why worry and if you can’t do something about that problem, what is the point worrying?’ Similarly, if you can take proactive measures to keep worries at bay, why even think about worrying.

What are your worries?

In today’s day and age, financial worries are the biggest stressors for any individual. With so many loans and liabilities that we have, we, as a generation are under more financial stress than our immediate past generation. But, again, this generation is lucky enough to have facilities to ease those financial tensions. In cases of you being diagnosed with a critical illness or your untimely demise, you and your family respectively would come under severe stress due to the income-generation capacity being hit.

A Critical Illness

critical illness would definitely put a financial burden on you. In today’s fast-paced times, lifestyle diseases and the complications arising from them may be just around the corner. Before you realise it, your arteries may be blocked requiring a surgery or you may suffer a stroke leaving you paralysed or you may suddenly lose sight in both of your eyes. If such a scenario occurs, do you have the wherewithal to tackle the financial burden that it would result in? Not only will it result in increasing healthcare costs, but also loss of income as you may not be able to engage in any productive activity for some time to follow.

Your Untimely Demise

You may still somehow manage to recover from a critical illness, but what if you pass away untimely, leaving behind memories, loans, and the financial burden on your family of maintaining their lives. Issues like payment of EMI’s, children’s fees and utility bill payments would need to be looked after. How would your family deal with all these in the midst of the grief of losing a loved one?

How can you be prepared?

These worrisome situations can be dealt with by taking a comprehensive term plan like Edelweiss Life Total Secure + that will give you overall financial protection on occurrence of up to 35 critical illnesses. Just on the basis of a diagnosis report your life insurer will make a lump sum payment. You can use this amount in any which way that you deem fit. You can use it for out-of-pocket expenses like transportation, accommodation etc of your loved ones if you are getting admitted to a hospital for a procedure or a long duration.

Coverage for Life Risk

Apart from this, your family is also secured financially in the event of your untimely demise. Your beneficiary would get the full amount of the Sum Assured in either lump sum or regular monthly income or as a combination of both. Regular monthly income also gives you the option of receiving money in equal/level monthly pay outs or in increasing amounts every month. Even if you have made a critical illness claim, your term policy would continue for the Base Sum Assured less the amount of critical illness claim paid.

It is clear that this is the policy that helps you stay prepared and worry-free even when faced with difficult times. You are financially protected from a critical illness and your family is also assured in the event of your untimely demise. Generate a quote today for Edelweiss Life Total Secure + online to know how you can be prepared for the worst to happen even when you are expecting the best to happen.

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