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How to file a life insurance claim

  12/7/16 5:38 AM

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In spite of having left behind a term life insurance policy of 1crore, Vivek passed away leaving a financial void, not to talk of the emotional one. This is because it has been 6 months and his wife Asmita is still trying to come to terms with the claim submission procedure. She is having a harrowing time figuring out the process of filing a claim and submitting the necessary documents. This happens to a lot of people as they are not sure of how to go about dealing with the procedure of claim submission. To avoid this happening with you, let us understand the process for filing an insurance claim.

Process of filing an insurance claim

  1. When submitting a claim, the original insurance bond is always needed. Remember to always keep it in a safe and secure place, from where it is easy for you to retrieve the policy document.

  2. Immediately after death of the Life Assured, the beneficiary or the nominee has to file an intimation with the insurance company. There are three ways to file this intimation:

    1. Go to the nearest branch and submit the form.

    2. Call the help line number of the insurance company. Mostly, in the IVR menu, there is a dedicated option for claims submission.

    3. Submit the details online on the insurance company’s portal.

    4. The intimation has to be submitted along with a copy of the death certificate.

  3. After receipt of the claim intimation, the claims team sends out a letter to the nominee with the list of required documents. The required documents may include the original policy document, the police FIR(in case of suicide or accidental death), certificate and hospital records. Depending on the sum assured , cause of death and other conditions, some additional documents can be demanded by the insurance company. The requisite documents have to be submitted to the claims team or the nearest branch.

  4. After reviewing of the documents, the claim team will reach a decision as to the genuineness of the claim. As per IRDA norms, the insurance company is required to settle all death claims within 30 days of receipt of all documents. Under any circumstances, even if any further investigation is required, the insurance company has to complete its procedure within a maximum of 6 months from the date of receipt of written claim submission. Edelweiss Life goes many steps forward. It promises that claims will be settled within 24 hours of receiving all requisite documents. Further, if there is any delay beyond this point, for all policies with a sum assured of less than 5 crores, it promises to pay interest at 10% p.a.

  5. Once a decision is reached to settle the claim in favour of the nominee, the said amount is released by way of cheque/demand draft/bank transfer.

  6. If there is a claim dispute and it does not get resolved by approaching the customer care of the insurance company, the nominee can approach the Insurance Ombudsman, which is a government appointed authority to look into such complaints.

Claim it proper; claim it right

The true test of an insurance company is when it has to settle claims. Any life insurance company worth it’s salt will be more than willing to settle claims in time as otherwise it’ll reflect badly on it’s claim-settlement ratio. This may definitely affect how people perceive the life insurance brand and may hit sales badly. Submit a proper claim and definitely you’ll get a proper settlement.

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