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Don’t Let Critical Illness Make You Helpless

  12/7/16 12:13 PM

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How many of you have seen the 1974 thriller ‘Majboor’ starring Amitabh Bachchan and Pran. In the movie, When Amitabh Bachchan, who plays the protagonists, comes to know that hie is affected by a terminal brain tumour and he has only about 6 months to live. To provide for his widowed mother, wheelchair-bound sister, and younger brother, he falsely implicates himself in a crime of kidnapping and murder to collect the prieze money of RS.5 lakhs. On getting successfully operated, he tries to find the real criminal, with the help of Pran, to absolve himself of the crime.

A Twist In The Tale

Imagine if there were a twist in the story. If only Amitabh would’ve had a comprehensive term plan like Edelweiss Life Total Secure+, he would no longer need to arrange for the money through dubious means. He would even have the money to get operated through the accelerated critical illness cover which gives a fixed lumpsum amount on being diagnosed iwth the illness. If, after the procedure, he would’ve met with an untimely demise, his family would’ve benefitted from the full Sum Assured that the policy gives. The story would’ve ended on a happy note and insted of becoming a thriller, it would’ve become a family story.

Change The Course Of Your Movie

Of course, we can’t change the moveie now, but you can still make a difference to your life. By buying a comprehensive term plan, you can save yourself and your family from the financial burden of not having the income of your breadwinner. Edelweiss Life Life Total Secure+ serves as a income replacement for those times when you do not have the financial support of your main breadwinner. With flexible claim payout options like equal or increasing payouts and a fixed lumpsum to choose form, you can select the option best suited to you and stay protected for 75-80 years of age.

Generate a quote today and find our for yourself how to prevent yourself from being ‘Majboor’

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