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Your Family Income Needs To Be Protected From Your Untimely Demise

  9/28/16 5:54 AM

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You have taken a term life insurance policy to secure your loved ones in the event of your untimely demise. But have you covered yourself along with it for something more tragic? Yes, you heard it right! Something more tragic than death. What can be more tragic for you and your family members than your unfortunate demise. A critical illness.

What is a critical illness?

A critical illness is an ailment that is more serious than your normal ailments in terms of days needed for recovery and amount needed to fund your recovery. It may involve hospitalization and also post and pre-hospitalization care. For instance, you have suffered a cardiac arrest and doctors have suggested that you undergo a CABG(Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) procedure to clear the blockages in the arteries supplying blood to the heart. Or, worse, you have suffered a stroke which has caused impairment in bodily functions like walking, talking etc. But why is this more tragic than death itself?


For the following reasons:

  1. Your ability to earn income may diminish
  2. You need a lot of care to recover
  3. You need a lot of time to recover
  4. In the absence of income, your spouse may need to start working
  5. Your cash flow could get affected due to your inability to earn income

Financial support

You need financial support to take your family out of this crisis. Crude as it may sound, but nobody in your family should be praying for your death to receive financial support. This financial support can be ensured by you if you buy a policy which combines a term plan with a critical illness plan; like Edelweiss Life Total Secure+. This plan has two variants apart from the stand-alone term plan. One is the Basic health cover with coverage for 7 critical illnesses and another is the Comprehensive health cover that provides coverage for 35 critical illnesses.

You definitely would agree that you need an income replacement plan to cover the possibility of loss of income due to the occurrence of a critical illness to you or due to your untimely demise. Generate a quote today and find out the exact amount that you may require to keep your family protected.

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