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Why Should I Invest in ULIP? - We give you 6 Reasons

  6/7/16 8:36 AM

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ULIPs are great investment options as compared to various other investment plans due to various reasons. This article helps you understand why you should invest in ULIP.

Why should I invest in ULIPs?

Many of us have a common query- is ULIP a good investment option for me? Well, below are a few reasons which are highlighted:

  • Risk Appetite: When you invest in a ULIP policy you have the opportunity to choose basis your risk appetite. If you are a low-risk player, then you can invest in debt funds that involve low risk. If you are a moderate risk player, then you can invest in balanced funds which can range between debt funds and equity funds. If you are a high-risk player, then equity funds can be a great option. Equity funds provide excellent returns when the market performs well.
  • Transparency: ULIP plans are transparent investments. You will exactly know the charges involved and the performance of your current account.
  • Flexibility: ULIPs are not just transparent but also flexible. Unlike other investment plans, you can switch between funds in ULIP. If you are wondering about ULIP being a good investment option, then you must remember that it provides you with the flexibility of choosing and switching between debt and equity funds. With ULIPs, you can decide where you want to invest. During an uncertainty, you can invest in debt funds, and when the market performs well, you can opt for equity funds. If you plan to invest for a longer duration i.e. ten years, you may get more opportunities to make these small alterations to reap more benefits.
  • Long term investment: You may be having long-term goals like buying a house, buying a new car, opening a start-up, etc. ULIPs prove to be a good option when it comes to long-term investments because they have a five year lock-in period while other investment options may have a year to the 3-year lock-in period. In case you decide to exit the policy after five years what you receive in ULIPs will be far higher than what you would get if you would have only saved that amount without investing. Your money will earn for itself once invested because of the power of compounding.
  • Tax Benefits: Not all investment options provide tax benefits. Since ULIP is a life insurance product, it provides tax benefits. So there is the added advantage of a ULIP with a tax benefit!
  • Life cover: As mentioned above, ULIP as a product is offered by Life insurance companies. Best suitable ULIP plans in India fulfill your need for both investment and protection. Though the life cover provided by a ULIP may not be as high as that of a term plan, however, it does provide some amount of life cover.

Overall, ULIPs can be an ideal investment option for your long-term financial goals. It is recommended that you check the performance of individual funds while investing in ULIPs and invest in funds that have good ratings.

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