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How To Choose The Right Life Insurance Online?

  7/28/17 4:19 AM

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Whether it’s you or your family, you always want them to be financially secure in the event of something unfortunate. This is where  life insurance policy comes in. It provides you with a lump sum amount in case the insured person passes away so that the family doesn’t have to suffer financially. But as there are so many options available, it is really important to choose the best among them as your financial future will depend on that policy. So how can you choose the right life insurance policy?

Always choose a life insurance online:

If you have an option between choosing a life insurance policy online and offline, always go with online. As there are so many options available you can compare them which will allow you to choose the best life insurance plans.

The policy amount:

Choose an amount that comprehensively covers all your requirements so that in the event of something unfortunate you and your family are financially protected. Keep in mind the ever changing money market and inflation.

Be specific about the time:

The tenure of the life insurance policy is as important as the policy amount itself. Choose a policy that covers you up to the age you think you will have dependents or your passing can create a financial burden on your family.

Customize your life insurance policy:

A good life insurance company provides you an insurance riders option to choose various like accidental death benefit rider, critical illness rider, and partial or total disability rider so that you can customize your policy according to your needs.

Only buy what you can afford:

Choose a policy after looking over your financial position as the policy will lapse if you are unable to pay the premium. Consulting a financial advisor is a good idea before buying a policy.

Edelweiss Life Insurance brings you Total Secure Plus, a comprehensive online life insurance policy which provides you with:

  • Life cover as well as cover against 35 critical illness such as cancer, diabetes, etc. with convenient payment terms and payout options.
  • Flexible premium paying terms and regular pay till policy lasts so that it doesn’t create a financial burden on you.
  • Accelerated critical illness benefits so that on the occurrence of an illness, you are provided with a payout of critical illness sum and the policy still, continues with the base sum assured reduced by the amount of critical illness claim paid.
  • Tax benefits under section 80D, section 80C and section 10 (10D) of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Know More About Edelweiss Life Insurance:

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