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Critical Illnesses? No Problem. Multiple⁷ Claims? Also No Problem!

A critical illness doesn’t just mean diagnosis and hospitalization; it also
means the long road to recovery and rehabilitation. Edelweiss Life
CritiCare+ is created to support you on this journey not just one time, but on multiple occasions.

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A Multiple of single/annualized premium as life cover at all time during policy tenure
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Why Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ will stand by you always

Why Edelweiss Life CritiCare+ will stand by you always

Benefits of Wealth CritiCare+

Benefits of Wealth CritiCare+


Gear up for support, ek nahi teen baar! We’ve included a variant that lets you make multiple claims in the unfortunate event that you suffer from multiple critical illnesses over the course of your policy term. With the Multiple Claims option, you can claim as many as three times from us!


We want to support you in your time of need, which is why Edelweiss Life CritiCare+ covers 17 critical illnesses. These are grouped into 4 categories and include illnesses such as Heart Attack, Third Degree Burns, Permanent Blindness, Severe Coma and more.


We’re here to provide solutions not problems! Getting diagnosed with a critical illness is already rough, so we want to be your pillar of support instead of a roadblock to peace. All we need is diagnosis report and on scrutiny of your diagnosis report, we will give you lump sum benefit.


Focus on your healthy recovery! We want to eliminate as many worries as we can from your life so you can focus on the important things - like getting to full recovery. That is why, with the multi claim option in this plan, we waive off all future premium payments when you get diagnosed with a critical illness.


The higher you go, the more benefits you get! We like rewarding those who opt for more. This is why, with Edelweiss Life CritiCare+, you get discounts when you opt for higher premiums.


No stressing about deductions! With Edelweiss Life CritiCare+, you can avail tax benefits on your premiums under Section 80 (D) and on your lump sum payment under Section 10 (10D).


Getting Protection Against Critical Illnesses Is As Easy As 1,2,3!

Getting Protection Against Critical Illnesses Is As Easy As 1,2,3!


Choose plan variant

  • Single Claim Option
  • Multiple Claims Option

Customize your plan

  • Choose your policy term
  • Choose your premium amount

Sit back and relax

  • Submit the requested documents
  • Let us verify your details and give you the go-ahead!


Plan Your Financial Growth With Wealth Rise+

Rahul invested

every year for


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This is a sample Illustration. Some benefits are guaranteed, and some benefits are variable with returns based on the future performance of the your Insurer carrying on life Insurance business. If your policy offers guaranteed benefits, then these will be clearly marked “guaranteed” in the illustration table on this page. If your policy offers variable benefits then the illustrations on this page will show two different rates of assumed future investment returns. These assumed rates of return are not guaranteed, and they are not the upper or lower limits of what you might get back, as the value of your policy is dependent on a number of factors including future investment performance.

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Need expert advice?

Reasons Why You’re Bound To Love Us Back

Reasons Why You’re Bound to Love Us Back

Here's Why Our Customers Adore Us

Here's Why Our Customers Adore Us

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FAQs CritiCare Plus

Fire Away Queries

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Why do I need a Critical Illness Plan?

In today’s fast-paced world technology is making rapid advances. Improvements in our quality of life have increased our lifespan but the increased stress has also led to chances of facing a critical illness such as heart attack or cancer. A critical illness may reduce your ability to continue working and also put added pressure on account of the medical expenses involved. An impaired health solution helps you ensure that you and your family can work towards your recovery to health without worrying about the finances.

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Edelweiss Life – CritiCare+ is a health insurance product, that covers a truly wide range of 17 critical illnesses. In case you are faced with the unfortunate onset of a critical illness, you will be able to ensure that your family gets the required support to manage their day-to-day expenses as well as your health care expenses. Under the multiclaim option of this plan, you can also make claims up to 3 times during the policy term.

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The minimum sum assured you can opt for in this policy is Rs. 5 lakhs and the maximum sum assured is Rs.1 crore.

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This plan covers 17 critical illnesses

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The critical illnesses covered by this plan include:

  1. Open Chest CABG

  2. Myocardial infarction (First heart attack of specific severity)

  3. Open Heart Replacement OR Repair of Heart Valves

  4. Kidney Failure Requiring Regular Dialysis

  5. Major Organ Transplant (Heart, Kidney)

  6. Stroke Resulting in Permanent Symptoms

  7. Aorta Surgery

  8. Permanent Paralysis of Limbs

  9. Coma of Specified Severity

  10. Third Degree Burns

  11. Blindness

  12. Aplastic Anaemia

  13. Cancer of Specified Severity

  14. Benign Brain Tumour

  15. Major Organ Transplant (Bone Marrow, Liver, Lung, Pancreas)

  16. Motor Neuron Disease with Permanent Symptoms

  17. Multiple Sclerosis with Persisting Symptoms

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You can make your premium payments on an annual basis.

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The minimum and maximum entry age (as on last birthday) is 18 years and 65 years respectively.

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The minimum policy term is 5 years and the maximum policy term is 30 years.

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With the Single Claim option, you can make one claim when you are diagnosed with a critical illness. With the MultiClaim option, you can make up to three claims. 

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Under this option, you can get benefit for up to 3 claims. Life insured can claim for Critical Illness only once from one group. Subsequent to a claim, the Life insured will still be eligible for benefits for critical illnesses falling under the other groups.

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For the MultiClaim option, you get the waiver of future premiums on your first claim and stay protected for the remaining term of the policy.

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You will receive the lump sum payout on diagnosis of one of the 17 listed critical illnesses.

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You can avail of the plan benefit on detection of any critical illness that happens after 90 days of policy issue or revival date.

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You have a period of 15 days from the date of the receipt of the policy document. Policies sold through Distance Marketing will have a free look period for 30 days.

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Any critical illness having occurred within 90 days of policy issue date.

Please refer to the brochure for the detailed list.

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Grace period for this plan is 30 days. The policy will remain in force during the grace period without losing out on continuity benefits like waiting periods and coverage of pre-existing diseases. Coverage is not available for the period for which no premium is received. If any premium goes unpaid at the end of the grace period, the policy shall lapse.

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Edelweiss Life Criticare+ is a health insurance plan, therefore it doesn’t cover death.

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We are always there for you!


We are always there for you!

For queries, write to
Contact us on 022 6611 6018

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7- Under MultiClaim option, you can claim up to 3 times on diagnosis of 3 critical illnesses from different groups.

2- Avail Large Sum Assured discount on Annualised Premium for Base Sum Assured.

3- As per provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws.

*1- For enchanced Sum assured of Rs.25 Lakhs, healthy male, age 18 whose premium is Rs. 5329/year which amounts to Rs.15/day exclusive of taxes.


Edelweiss Life – CritiCare+ is only the name of an Individual, Non-linked, Non-Par, Pure Risk Premium, Health Insurance Product and does not in any way indicate the quality of the contract, its future prospects, or returns. Please know the associated risks and the applicable charges from your Personal Financial Advisor or the Intermediary. Tax benefits are subject to changes in the tax laws. For more details on risk factors and terms and conditions, please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

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