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Stay Protected today, tomorrow & always, with Zindagi Protect!

Introducing Edelweiss Life Zindagi Protect , a comprehensive term
plan with coverage up to age 100. Enjoy optional features such as
Return of Premium, Better Half Benefit, Child's Future Protect Benefit,
and Premium Break Benefit, making it the ideal choice for families
seeking financial security.

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A Multiple of single/annualized premium as life cover at all time during policy tenure
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Why Is This Term Plan the Ideal Partner for Your Future?

Why Is This Term Plan the Ideal Partner for Your Future?

Benefits of Zindagi Protect

Benefits of Zindagi Protect

We’re with you for a century! This term plan provides coverage for as long as 100 years of age, ensuring that your loved ones are financially secure for a lifetime, even in your absence.

Making your child’s dreams a reality! That is why this optional benefit provides an additional payout to your child in case you are no longer around. This benefit remains active until your child turns 25 years old, during which you may have higher responsibilities

Always be there as a reliable pillar of support! Opt for the Better Half Benefit to make sure your partner is taken care of, when you can’t be around. This optional benefit offers your spouse a life cover in the same plan, at a minimal extra cost and gets triggered on the death of the Life Insured.

Making their way back, where they belong! With this benefit, you can opt to get 100% of Total Premiums Paid^ when your policy matures. This helps you prepare for the next chapter in your life with extra padding in your wallet.

The sooner, the better! This plan gives you the option to secure your future in a shorter time frame while staying protected for a longer time. With this option, your premium payments are completed quicker, so you can rest easy and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Premium Paying terms available with this option are 5/7/10/15/20 years. 

Option to select Premium Break benefit, by paying additional premium, which enables you to skip up to 8 premiums depending on the premium payment term, while you enjoy the benefits of your plan. This benefit is only available for Premium Paying Term of 10 years or more.

Maximize your savings! Premiums paid are eligible for tax benefits3 under section 80C, and both the income received, and the maturity benefit is eligible for tax benefits3 under section 10(10D).

Enhanced Protection through Riders⁹

Enhanced Protection through Riders⁹

Unlock a lifetime of financial security with these 4 Steps

Unlock a lifetime of financial security with these 4 Steps


Select a Plan Option

  • Select a Life Cover option OR Return of Premium option that suits your needs best

Your Plan, Your Rules

  • Choose the Base Sum Assured, Policy Term (PT), Premium Paying Term (PPT) and Premium Paying Frequency

Everything’s Better with More Personalization

  • Select from Better Half Benefit and/or Child’s Future Protect Benefit and/or Premium Break Benefit
  • Additional premium will be payable for each Additional Benefit chosen
  • Choose death benefit payment mode options as ‘Lumpsum’ or ‘Monthly Income’ or ‘Lumpsum plus Monthly Income’

Set Back & Relax

  • Let us verify your details and documents
  • Sit back and relax as your zindagi gets protection

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Capital Guarantee¹: Assurance Amidst Market Fluctuations

Market-linked returns, with an additional benefit of guaranteed¹ return of your total invested premium at maturity

  • Benefits of market-linked returns and guaranteed¹ lumpsum in one plan

  • Enhanced cover option with sum assured & booster additions

  • Little Star Benefit option to protect your child’s future

  • Tax benefits³ u/s 80c & 10(10d) to shield your savings

Market-linked Returns with Guaranteed¹ Lumpsum Option!

Maintain a diversified portfolio by investing in the market, while also receiving a guaranteed¹ payout at maturity.

  • Benefits of market-linked returns and guaranteed¹ lumpsum in one plan

  • Enhanced Cover option with higher sum assured & booster additions

  • Little Star Benefit option to protect your child’s future

  • Tax benefits³ u/s 80C & 10(10D) to shield your savings

Future Guaranteed¹ Income, now possible!

Makes sure nothing gets in the way of you and your dreams.

  • Guaranteed¹ Income + Protection + Tax Benefits³ in one plan

  • Pick from 4 plan options basis life goals – Lumpsum, Short Term Income, Long Term Income & Retirement Income

  • Family Income Benefit option ensures your family doesn’t have to compromise dreams

  • 6 Riders available to enhance your plan⁹

Need expert advice?


Need expert advice?

Here's Why Our Customers Adore Us

Here's Why Our Customers Adore Us

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FAQs For Zindagi Protect

Fire Away Queries

Why Should I Invest In A Term Insurance Plan?

While every increase in your income leads to an enhanced lifestyle for your family, it is important that the financial support you provide to your family is secured in case of an unfortunate event. A term insurance plan ensures that in a scenario where the bread winner is no more, his/her dependants are provided necessary income required to maintain their lifestyle.

Was this helpful?

Purchasing term insurance plans online is possible and convenient. You can compare multiple plans and select the one that best suits your needs.

Was this helpful?

By having multiple term insurance plans, you can ensure a secure sum assured from multiple sources. This implies that you can have a guaranteed death benefit reserve for your nominee(s) from two distinct sources. If you hold multiple term insurance plans from various insurance providers, the chances of your claim being considered by at least one provider, even if it gets declined by another, are higher.

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An insurance plan referred to as term insurance provides life coverage, and insurance companies rely on risk evaluations. Individuals who have a greater likelihood of experiencing a severe illness are subject to higher premium charges by insurers. Policyholders who smoke are required to pay more in premiums than those who do not.

To determine if you are a smoker, your insurer will ask you three questions when you purchase a term plan online:

1. Do you use nicotine and/or tobacco products?

2. Have you used a tobacco product in the past four years?

3. Have you ever used a tobacco product?

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While employer-provided insurance can be advantageous, the coverage provided may not always be enough to adequately protect your family. Additionally, the insurance coverage ends once you no longer work for that employer. As a result, purchasing an individual insurance plan with a higher sum assured can provide appropriate level of financial security for your family's needs.

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Term insurance does not offer maturity benefits, whereas a life insurance policy provides these benefits to the policyholder upon the policy's completion. Instead, a term insurance plan pays out the sum assured to the nominee(s) of the policyholder in the event of their death during the plan term.

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3  As per provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax benefits are subject to changes in tax laws.

9  Riders are Optional and available at extra cost.

^ The Special Exit Benefit shall be applicable on the premiums paid towards Life Cover and Premium Break Benefit, if any, and is not applicable on any additional premiums paid towards other Additional Benefit/s opted by the policyholder namely Child’s Future Protect Benefit or Better Half Benefit. This benefit is applicable provided all terms and conditions mentioned in the sales brochure are met. Please refer sales brochure for more details.

*3 For more details please refer product brochure

**  If 20 pay is chosen with Better Half Benefit, then the maximum entry age of the Life Insured and Spouse is 60 years (age last birthday).

Edelweiss Life - Accidental Total and Permanent Disability Rider is only an Individual, Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Pure Risk Premium, Health Insurance rider. UIN 147B001V04
Edelweiss Life - Accidental Death Benefit Rider is only the name of an Individual, Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Pure Risk Premium, Health Insurance Rider. UIN 147B002V04
Edelweiss Life - Critical Illness Rider is only the name of the Individual, Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Pure Risk Premium, Health Insurance rider. UIN 147B005V04
Edelweiss Life - Waiver of Premium Rider is only the name of the Individual, Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Pure Risk Premium, Health Insurance rider. UIN 147B003V05

Edelweiss Life - Zindagi Protect is An Individual, Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Pure Risk
Premium/Savings, Life Insurance Plan. Please know the associated risks and the applicable charges from your
Personal Financial Advisor or the Intermediary. Tax benefits are subject to changes in the tax laws. The tax benefits under this Policy may be available as per the prevailing Income Tax laws in India. For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. 

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Flower & Edelweiss (as displayed above) are trademarks of Edelweiss Financial Services Limited used by Edelweiss Life Insurance Company Limited under license.

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