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Deer Avoid Taking Unnecessary Risks

The main concern for an investor that resonates with a deer is to be careful with their actions and avoid unnecessary risks. Due to this, they usually go for low to medium risk investments and always seek expert advice before making a decision. Deer personality-types are hard-working and content with their life.

Safety and Wealth Growth Go Hand-in-Hand for Deer

Deer investors carefully choose their investments and aim to ensure security for themselves and their families. They are on the lookout for any possible danger lying ahead, and so create plans to deal with emergencies. They also like to be reassured that their money and interests are always secure. Deer are careful investors that usually:

  • Take their time to pursue their ambitions 
  • Are highly conscious of their spending habits
  • Make an active attempt towards consciously saving each month
  • Are highly concerned about keeping up with unexpected changes
  • Seek security and peace of mind over all else
  • Seek loans only as a last resort
  • Look for products that offer guaranteed returns
  • Pursue products offering a Single Premium option

Your Persona Tells Us About the Goals You Want to Achieve

  • You seek products that offer guaranteed returns
  • You opt for investment opportunities that have minimal paperwork
  • You want to be given the flexibility to choose how you make payments
  • You wish to be well-informed of all terms and conditions of your financial plans
  • You always want to have a contingency plan set in place

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Regular Income Jo Mile, Har Haal Saalon Saal!¹

A plan that gives you regular income even during tough times.

  • Option to choose Guaranteed¹ income + Protection upto age 99

  • Start getting income 2nd policy year onwards

  • Cash Bonus⁵ (if declared) payable on performance of participating fund, if declared

  • 6 Riders available to enhance your plan

So, Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Delve into our portfolio of Low Risk Products
  • Contact our experts to discuss any questions you may have
  • Give us the opportunity to suggest relevant products that match your requirements
  • Let us kickstart your foray into the world of investment and insurance

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