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This Rakhshabandhan Protect Her Even When You Are Not Around

  7/27/23 3:59 AM

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Rakhshabandhan is an occasion when you wish to gift your sister all the happiness she ever wished in her life. The same question hanging in Ravi’s mind when he was recollecting the memories of her sister’s childhood.

When two days old sister was handed over in Ravi’s arms, he felt the power of responsibility for the first time. When she reached for his arm to get up, Ravi knew he needed to be strong to be able to support her. The first time she left his finger to walk on her own, Ravi realized she might not need his help always; but also that he couldn’t leave her unguarded despite all.

Every exam Ravi have helped her study for, her every act of mischief that he had covered, every time he has been her voice when she was too scared to speak up — Ravi wonder why she hasn’t nicknamed him ‘backup plan’ yet. He would have really liked that! Today, Ravi see his sister, 18-year-old now — making her own pocket-money through internships, and dreaming of colleges and professions that would bring a change in her life, and in the society through her. Today when Ravi sees her taking on the world, he still looks at the little girl he can’t leave unprotected.

This Rakshabandhan as Ravi’s sister strives to find the best ‘rakhi’ for him, he also struggles to think of the best gift that would be her backup plan, when he is not around. When she ties the ‘rakhi’ on his wrist, she will look up to him for guidance and protection, assuring Ravi at the same time that she will be alright by herself. What can Ravi give her that would be enough, enough to last her for a lifetime?

So, I get her a term insurance policy that will—

  1. Help her be strong during unforeseen conditions like a critical illness or disability.

  2. Help her clear any remaining liabilities, if she doesn’t survive to pay for them in her life.

  3. Help her get tax benefits on her salary.

  4. Give her peace of mind by supporting people that will be her responsibility, by ensuring financial funds in her absence.

  5. Serve as a base policy for the time when she plans to build the protection cover for her spouse and kids.

In all Ravi is planning to gift her sister Edelweiss Life Zindagi Plus this rakhshabandhan, to protect her even when you he is not around!

This year when your sister ties the rakhi on your wrist, you should give her more than protection, this Raksha Bandhan you will give her the gift of strength with a term insurance plan as Ravi did.


Aastha Mestry - Portfolio Manager          

An Author and a Full-Time Portfolio Manager, Aastha has 6 years of experience working in the Insurance Industry with businesses globally. With a profound interest in traveling, Aastha also loves to blog in her free time.

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