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Life Insurance Needs at Various Stages of Life

  8/30/18 10:28 AM

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  8/30/18 10:28 AM   |

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Mr. Karan Jain, a 30-year-old man, finally took the decision of buying a term insurance. But he has a legitimate concern. Will today’s insurance be sufficient for his family 10 years from now? He needed a term plan that could cope up with the uncertainties of life as well as inflation. He researched online and finally made up his mind on buying Edelweiss Life Life – Zindagi Plus which is more than a term plan. It not only covers present requirements but also provides the flexibility to take care of your changing responsibilities as well as increasing cost of living. Karan selected the Top-up Benefit at 10%. He chose a life cover of Rs. 3 cr up to the age of 80 years. This will increase by 10% p.a. i.e. in year 2, his life cover will increase to 3.3 Cr and so on. After 10 years, his total life cover will be Rs. 6cr which is the highest limit, as the Top-up is equal to the base life cover (Rs. 3 cr).

Thus the Top-up Benefit increases your life cover systematically as per your chosen rate. The premium amount also increases accordingly. This especially suits both salaried and self-employed individuals as the earnings will increase in the future. Karan noticed a big advantage in choosing Edelweiss Life – Zindagi Plus was that the Top-up Benefit will continue even if he suffers from any medical condition in the future such as diabetes. Thus, it will shield him from future price rise and uncertainties. He wouldn’t have to go through the tedious formalities of buying a new policy again, as people usually do buy another policy later in life as their income increases.

Thus, all his main worries are met. His future is taken care of and he won’t have to buy another policy later on.


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