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Your heart also needs to be secured

  9/29/16 9:28 AM

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  9/29/16 9:28 AM   |

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If your heart were to have a voice, what would it say today on September 29, World Heart Day; effectively the birthday of Hearts all over the world. Would it be happy and joyous? Of course, aren’t we all happy on our birthdays? But do we celebrate it as a birthday? No, we mourn about the alarming statistics all over the world that say that cardio-vascular diseases are the biggest killer in the world. We try to spread awareness about how to keep your heart healthy. Wouldn’t it lead to a happy situation if we could celebrate today’s day as a happy occasion rather than one where we dwell on the seriousness of it?

A Major Killer

Heart diseases like stroke, cardiac arrests, and heart failure are slowly and steadily affecting a bigger percentage of the human race with each passing year. Our fast lives, consumerist approach, and dietary imbalances have led to a situation where we no longer can afford to brush aside heart disease as something that would only happen to ‘others’. It is a truth that is staring us in the face.

Another Truth Related To Heart Disease

But there is another truth that is equally staring us in the face which we may not have captured our attention. It’s the costs involved in recovering and recuperating from a cardio-vascular disease induced situation. Let’s assume one fine day, you get a squeezing and pressing pain in your heart. You get admitted to the hospital where the doctors pronounce that you have Coronary Artery Disease(CAD); a condition where one or more of your arteries are blocked because of accumulated fat. These arteries become constricted and obstruct the blood flow to your heart. The doctors further advise that you need to undergo a surgery like CABG(Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) to repair the blocked arteries.

Recovering From A Heart Ailment

You would be heart-broken, both physically as well as financially. Financially because a CABG costs a lot of money. A good private hospital in a Tier 2 city charges anywhere between Rs.2-3 lakhs for a complete CABG procedure. Arranging for this amount can be a difficult ask. Then again, there is the challenge of post-procedure recuperation expenses. You may have to undergo a cardiac rehabilitation program to regain your fitness. It may take 3-4 months for you to fully recover and re-engage in any kind of gainful occupation. During this forced lay-off, how are you going to cope with the loss of income. You may have your children’s school fees, utility bills, home loan EMI’s etc to pay. How are you going to arrange for funds to pay off these?

A Worse Scenario

A worse scenario would be if you experience a severe cardiac arrest and before anybody can do anything, you pass away. Tragedy would befall your family both financially and emotionally. They would have to cope with the burden of the loss of a loved one as well as dealing with expenses and liabilities. To deal with worldly matters in the midst of a period of grieving could be emotionally draining on them

How Do You Secure Yourself Against Such A Scenario?

Buy a comprehensive term plan like Edelweiss Life Total Secure+. It gives you protection against up to 35 critical illnesses apart from security of a fixed amount in the event of you meeting with an untimely demise. You not only need to keep your heart healthy, but also your financial position. Generate a free quote today to find out how you can do it.

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