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5 Reasons You Should Buy Term Insurance

  6/23/23 6:06 AM

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5 Reasons You Should Buy Term Insurance


Term insurance is one of the most affordable and extensive life insurance covers available. A pure protection solution, term plans offer life cover benefit to the nominee of the life insured dies within the policy term. Owing to their ease of use, cost-efficiency and wide coverage term insurance plans have gained wide popularity among policy-seekers.


5 reasons to invest in a term plan

  • To Enjoy Extensive Life Cover at Affordable Premiums: The pure life cover of a term plan offers you a high sum assured at extremely pocket-friendly prices.
  • To Secure Your Family’s Future: The term plan payout helps you secure the dreams and ambitions of your family through the life cover payout.
  • To Cover the Financial Liabilities and Debts: If you have outstanding financial liabilities, the sum assured will allow the family to repay them and lead a debt-free life.
  • To Ensure Financial Stability and Well-being: A term plan payout secures your family’s finances and protects them from the financial upheavals caused by your demise.
  • To Cover Specific Circumstances through Term Plan Riders: Term insurance riders enhance the basic term plan coverage and offer added protection against specific circumstances. 


The Edelweiss Life Life Zindagi Protect term plan is a customisable life cover that allows you to choose a term plan coverage of your choice along with optional benefits like Premium Break Benefit.

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