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Drive Safely With These Tips!

  8/20/23 11:25 AM

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Ajay, a mid-level executive in a private firm, never considered building a backup plan for an emergency but that changed when his colleague and best friend, Puneet met with an accident while commuting to the office. He sustained series grievous injuries and his vehicle was badly damaged. Puneet did not have enough funds to cover damages to self and vehicle. He resorted to the only option available borrowing money from Ajay.

From this incident, you now have understood how important is to drive safely. Here are a few tips which will save you and Ajay from future contingencies:

  1. Defensive driving can save you just as much time as money and, more importantly, keep the roads safer for everyone. It will help you navigate in most road and traffic conditions and anticipate the possibility of a mishap.

  2. If you spot a vehicle in a hurry, do not be obstinate and yield the right of way even if you are legally right in refusing. While the other driver might be being a bully in claiming you give way, it’s better to let him through. Do not block the path of the vehicle by moving in front of it or impede its passage in any way.

  3. The seat belt is the most important safety device in your car. A seat belt might appear to be insignificant, but it can save your life. Seat belts also help in cutting down movement while driving on bumpy roads. If you have a small child in the car, use a baby seat and fasten it using a seat belt.

  4. It goes without saying that consumption of alcohol is a serious impediment to making the right choices and it is very dangerous to drive inebriated. If you are going to a party where you are likely to consume alcohol, make sure someone who does not drink is the designated driver or arrange for a taxi. Also, it would be safer not to drive if you are unwell. A high fever or an injury can be disorienting, resulting in an error of judgment.

  5. Ajay gets a wakeup call with Puneet’s accident and subsequent crash crunch. He realizes that he needs a plan for such emergencies. Here life insurance comes into play. Life insurance is to protect your dependents’ financial life and medical insurance is to protect you against health risks that you are exposed to. But, there could be a situation much worse than death—disability caused by accident. Given the numerous road accidents in India, an accidental death & disability cover is necessary for everyone. These riders cost less and should be taken for the range of cover they offer.

Edelweiss Life – Zindagi Plus comes with Accidental Permanent Total/Partial Disability Rider provides the benefit of additional rider sum assured in case of unfortunate Permanent Disability due to an accident. Riders offer financial cover, over and above the basic sum assured, for a specific eventuality. They are contingent in nature they came into play on the occurrence of a specific event. Even with the occurrence of the event, the life cover remains intact. This means that even if you have drawn on a particular rider, you remain eligible for the death benefit on the life insurance plan.

Defensive driving might seem dull, but safety should be the paramount consideration on the road. Drive safely and opt for a term plan today.


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Siddhant works as a freelance content writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from photography and personal finance to cooking. He is also an aspiring photographer striving to showcase life around him through his vision.

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