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The Best Gift for Your Sister’s Marriage

  10/7/18 5:52 AM

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You must have remembered a Bollywood movie in which a brother struggles to get her sister married due to lack of money. Hero makes the ultimate sacrifice so as to arrange for his sister’s marriage. He makes this sacrifice knowing very well that with this sacrifice, he may not be able to live the rest of his life peacefully.

The same happened to Ravi who is recollecting her childhood memories. When two days old sister was handed over in Ravi’s arms, he felt the power of responsibility for the first time. When she reached for his arm to get up, Ravi knew he needed to be strong to be able to support her and have to save money for her marriage.

Every exam Ravi have helped her study for, her every act of mischief that he had covered, every time he has been her voice when she was too scared to speak up. Today, Ravi see his sister, 22-year-old now dreaming of his marriage that would bring a change in her life, and in the society through her. Today when Ravi sees her taking on the world, he still looks at the little girl who will go after marriage leaving him alone. But Ravi is short of money now and trying hard to arrange money from everywhere and ultimately her sister’s marriage got broken due to lack of money.

If Ravi father would’ve had taken an endowment plan like Edelweiss Life Wealth Builder in his younger days for let says, a period of 20 years. By depositing a small amount of premium every year, he would’ve been in a position where he could’ve arranged for the marriage expenses for his sister.

An endowment plan gives guaranteed returns on maturity. It also gives guaranteed loyalty additions if you keep the policy going till maturity. Also, there is death benefit in this policy which means that if the life insured meets with an untimely demise any time during the policy period, his family would get the full amount of the Sum Assured.

Although the movie’s ending is something that we can’t change now, you can still alter your life’s course by investing in Endowment plans. Generate a quote today and see how you can plan for those future commitments.

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