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Glory At The Olympics

  8/5/16 10:34 AM

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The world’s biggest sporting extravaganza is about to start in another 24 hours from now. Leading athletes from around the world will battle it out over the period of the next 20 days for sporting glory. There will be tales ofguts, gumption, attrition and also redemption. It will be a sporting spectacle. A total of more than 200 sports persons will compete in 42 disciplines of 28 sports. Only one will be crowned as the winner in each discipline.

The premium for excellence

It takes hours and hours of rigorous practice sessions to reach the medal podium. Irrespective of the discipline or the sport in which the person participates, the common thing is that they all have put together days and hours together to reach where they have. Each person has paid a premium by sacrificing a lot in terms of time. When people their age were having fun and frolicking, they were going hard at practice. All with the aim and a dream that one day, they will bring glory to their nation at the Olympics. Likewise, in life, if you want to achieve a particular dream, you have to pay a premium.

Like paying a premium for securing your loved ones

life insurance policy, at the moment, may seem as something that you don’t need. You’d rather be tempted to go for that fancy gadget because it gives you instant gratification. But paying a premium now and for each of the coming years, would ensure that your loved ones will be able to fulfill their dreams even if you are not around. Like excelling in sports requires dedication to a goal, even investment in life insurance requires that you be dedicated towards your financial goal. You may be dreaming of giving your child a foreign education, or going on a foreign tour, or buying that dream villa for yourself; anything that you aspire for requires financial discipline on your part today.

Take the first step

Each gold medallist has spent his or her golden moments working hard at their performance. They took the first step with the belief that one day they will be standing at the podium accepting their gold medal. You also can take the first step towards fulfilling your dreams and those of your family members by buying a life insurance policy today.

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