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Talent Expression With Cross-Functional Rotations Creates Efficient Organisations

12/27/23 8:55 AM

Talent Expression With Cross-Functional Rotations Creates Efficient Organisations" - BW people (

As 2023 comes to an end, Saba Adil, Chief Human Resource Officer, Edelweiss Life Insurance shares the major HR trends & transformations in the insurance industry

As we stand at the threshold of a new year, it is a good time to reflect on the year going by and the trends thus emerging. The HR landscape has witnessed a profound shift in the recent past, where we see several paradoxes emerge between remote work vs return to office, wide demographics vs skill gap, use of technology vs the need of human interactions and a culture of outcomes vs traditional practices.

Hybrid work largely adopted during the pandemic, has become a lasting transformation, reshaping people practices and managing employee expectations. Amid different expectations and ways of working of the workforce in an evolving work model and the need of having competent talent to win in the marketplace, organisations are focusing on connecting people to purpose, managing the expectations of a multi-generational workforce, a strategic emphasis on upskilling and employee wellness and flexibility to meet people and organisation objectives. We also saw a continued change in how traditional career trajectories have given way to non-linear paths, reflecting a broader shift towards rapid adaptability. Particularly, the insurance sector observed technological advancements, with a need to review digital skill development, enabling workforces to understand operating risks, data privacy and upskill sales staff to meet customer demands.

As we approach 2024, organisations face the challenges of balancing evolving business needs, employee flexibility and empowerment, and fostering a sustainable, inclusive workplace as it is imperative for organisations to thrive in an increasingly complex and interconnected global environment. In the coming year, we will continue to see the impact of hybrid work to take centre stage, prompting organisations to further strengthen employee data privacy with advanced protection measures and privacy-centric policies. Additionally, there is a growing call for redefining how productivity is measured, reflecting a nuanced understanding of modern work dynamics beyond flexibility and work-life balance. The pursuit of a fair and transparent work environment is also evident in the heightened emphasis on pay transparency and equity, showcasing a commitment to building just compensation structures and people practices. We also look forward to the integration of more advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in people processes, which holds the potential to transform recruitment practices, mitigate biases, and enhance the overall candidate and employee experience.

Upskilling will remain the most important focus for HR functions to meet the needs of the ever-evolving customer and business. As work models evolve on the back of technology and customer expectations, new skills will emerge, and winning organisations will anticipate those and proactively build an organisation high on learning agility to effectively respond to newer situations as they arise and a continuous learning culture. But for that, HR functions have to be leading the way on the new skills needed and prepare the workforce for a future-ready organisation.

Looking ahead, HR across sectors will create efficient organisations, leverage technology for automating processes, with a focus on overall employee well-being. Inclusion will remain the focal point of the global workforce agenda, requiring people professionals to adapt to changing demographics. Within the insurance sector, several trends will emerge including allowing talent expression through rotational experiences across various functions and creating strong functional and leadership talent through a well-crafted development and performance management systems.

HR in 2024 will be expected to strike the right balance between creating an efficient and future-ready organisation and blending hybrid work, AI, and inclusivity.

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