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The Story of a Cancer Survivor | Edelweiss Life

  9/16/18 6:42 AM

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  9/16/18 6:42 AM   |

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It is not necessary that a day which started well will end well too! We may start our day on a regular normal note but whether we will be able to complete the entire course of the day smoothly depends on what the next moment has in store for us.
In other words – life is full of surprises; some are pleasant, while some are not. A year back, Ritesh’s life too chose to surprise him but in an unpleasant way. Like any other normal weekday, he was working in his office on one of his assignments when suddenly he experienced an awful abdominal pain. He consulted the doctors in his office. After examining him, they suspected appendicitis as the cause of pain and asked him to get certain tests done.
The following day, when he visited the hospital, post all the diagnostic tests he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was prescribed a month-long treatment, but this gave him no relief.
In fact, during the course of the treatment, the paid he was suffering worsened and he had to be rushed to the hospital. A tumor was detected and the doctors suggested an immediate surgery which was later diagnosed as colon cancer. Life could not have been more terrible than this, but there was more to face and fight.
He had to undergo chemotherapy sessions. The side effects of his treatment did their best to make each day a nightmare. His body had turned weak and he was in constant pain.
It was the sheer support of his wife and the entire family which provided the courage to overcome this dark phase of his life.
Ritesh had made a wise decision a few years ago. He opted for a term plan with a critical illness rider. This proved to be a strong financial support during his difficult phase.
The greatest advantage of a critical illness coverage is that when you are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, the lump sum amount which will be provided to you will help you cover the exponential cost of the treatment.
This not only prevents your savings from drying up but also stops you from sliding into a debt trap. This will prevent financial disruptions in your life by ensuring that your savings do not deplete. To battle against critical illnesses you need early detection, timely medical intervention, and the finances to pay for the treatment. Your regular Health Plan will secure you against basic diseases or minor ailments it may not be sufficient to cover the treatment costs involved in a critical illness.
Hence, to be financially prepared against critical illnesses you need to plan like Ritesh!

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