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Edelweiss Tokio Life pays a tribute to the unlimited spirit of Mothers

5/11/23 11:08 AM

In an ode to mothers the world over, Edelweiss Life Insurance unveiled its Mother’s Day film that captures the unstoppable spirit of mothers in protecting their children’s dreams and aspirations and enabling a #ZindagiUnlimited. This film is the first among a series of Claims Stories that the life insurer intends on capturing to showcase the human and real-life impact of life insurance claims.

 Abhishek Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Edelweiss Life Insurance said, “The life insurance business is intertwined with the lives of countless people. Our function is to support people through their highest and lowest points in life. We all get lost in numbers and the real-life impact of life insurance often goes unspoken. This film is our attempt to bring the people behind those numbers into the spotlight and talk about how they have overcome limitations after a life altering event, with life insurance playing a role in facilitating financial stability.” 

 The Mother’s Day film captures a true story of an Edelweiss Life customer who had to take charge of the household and business after her husband’s death. While a life insurance claim enabled financial continuity, she had to overcome several day-to-day challenges to ensure her limitations don’t become her child’s limitations and he can continue to live #ZindagiUnlimited.

 Gupta added, “We have designed an internal and social media campaign to highlight these real-life stories to not only put our work into perspective but also invoke pride in all our employees as well as distribution partners for the noble work Life Insurance is.” 

The Mother’s Day film is live on all social media platforms and can be viewed here:

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